Friday, September 12, 2008

great idea.

I was listening to adam carolla this morning and theresa was talking about craving clam chowder and a bread bowl. But I heard her say clam chowder and red bull. It sounded appealling. I want to market this. Clam chowder, bread bowl, red bull. Just dump that red bull right in. Im excited.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

it's a booooooooooooooy!

That's right. Baby number 2 is a boy. Thomas is gonna have a brother. That comforts me. This kid will be almost the exact difference apart from thomas as I am from trevor. I think that is a just about perfect distance. I just gotta warn them about when thomas gets to teenage years and the new baby is still pre. That's when trevor and I didn't get along. Now we couldn't be closer. Im very excited. We're thinking felix norman hatch. Felix mendelsohn was a great composer. And norman is a family name on jessica's side. I wanted 2 middle names but jess said even just felix norman was way radical from just thomas lee. So he'll just have 2 names. Anyway. Yes.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

deep inside of a parallel universe its getting harder and harder to tell what came first.

The four of you that read my blog may already know my current situation in the department of employment. Two job offers. Both a solid amount of pros and cons. in each I would work with fantastic people who I feel I could get along with well. I now leave it up to the Lord. Im hoping to get an answer quickly but all in the Lord's good time. The Hopes have been gracious enough to have us stay this weekend. We were delighted to have been joined by j-rig, his lovely wife, becka, and their group of boys. It was great to see them and im glad they came. Now you may be thinking to yourself, "what's this guy's deal?" well I tell you what. I've been seeing things rather clearly as of late. It's time to move on with life. We are about to be blessed with a beautiful new child in january and I can't have him or her be born into the current situation we have now. I want this kid to have the best. Not thomas. He can get a job. But this new child will have 2 parents that love him. Or her. And they will know the gospel. That is one of the most important things I have and I wish I were stronger in it. I struggle with it often because swearing and sleeping in on sunday often has more appeal than listening to sister o'donnell drone on in gospel doctrine. But I try and stand straight and fly right for my eternal family. Anyway. The searchers was a quality film if anyone was wondering.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Thank garfunkle it's friday. That's right. It's friday. I take this day to thank art garfunkle for, not only, blessing us with this wonderful holiday but for creating sweet harmonies with his good friend, paul simon. That's right. Art garfunkle did indeed create tgif. Thursday, october 6th, 1978. The first tgif. There was a feast. I consisted of pot roast and horseradish. Not a huge banquet but he made the best out of what he had. That's why today we celebrate every friday as a holiday. A lot of people party on friday nights. I usually don't because I work the next day. Not this week, friends. Day. Off. Thus a celebration of friday mirth. My idea of a good time is not the same as other peoples. Many will go out and drink and get stupid, throw up on themselves and repeat that process the next day. No thank you. Ill show you a good time. I have so much fun on my days off it should be illegal. Jess will be scrapbooking tonight so thomas and I will be having a mans night. We start off on the couch. Sweatpants are NOT optional. You wanna come to my party? Get them sweats on. Tonights feature film will be "the searchers" with john wayne. I've been on an unexpected western film recently. I used to hate all things country. But I've been enlightened. I enjoy western films. Cowboys that involve themselves in gang activity. Shootouts, barfights, ragtime, and all other things that go along. What I don't like is the rich kids that rock a stetson and a pair of snakeskin boots and call themselves country. Daddy buys them an f150 and they think they're so cool; blarin big and rich. Or the nascar junkies who think dale jr. Is the best thing since his daddy who happened to be the best thing since budweiser and the gun rack. Now don't get me wrong. I don't hate all nascar fans. I've got some good friends who watch nascar. I can't tell them it's lame. They love it. But for those who aren't my friends I think you're idiots. THEY'RE JUST GOING LEFT! If they had machine guns mounted on the top of their cars that'd be different. If they were shootin each other id be all about that. But until then ill stick to watching my pasta boil. Way more entertaining. Anyway. Back to my friday. By the way actually. You see that republican gop for mccain last night? Im going to pretend you said yes because I can't hear you. Bomb. For those of you who aren't as hip as me that is a good thing. I used to be probama but I've changed my ways. I may be a flip flopper but I've looked into it and im thinkin mccain is my man. I got into my head that he was incompetent and I've discovered he's just a stud. I like his energy plan and im lovin palin's idea on teaching creationism in schools. Because, really? Why are we teaching evolution? These lame left wing queers need to get over themselves. I mean whatever. Teach both. Who cares? But parents should be able to choose. I mean, I don't need people shovin evolution bs down thomas' throat. I don't care if people believe in it. Do what you want. Have fun in hell. Give hitler a kick in the groin for america. You do your thing and let me do mine. Who cares if a kid wants to pray in school. Or say god in the pledge. We don't bust your chops for kissing other women. Get over it. Anyway. Friday. Trevor, my dear brother, is having his eagle project tonight. I think he's the first hatch in 20 years to get his eagle. Maybe more. Im pretty proud of him. And he's going to college in the fall. Doing a good job he is. Anyway, we'll probably be there helpin him, me and thomas. So that will be a good time. And then. More western films. Im thinking "fistful of dollars". Happy friday, friends.