Wednesday, November 12, 2008

modern revelation

Your dog is not smarter than my honor student. I don't care how smart you THINK your schnauzer is, it cannot be smarter than an honor student. Your dog may be intuitive but it has nothing compared to a student who is on the honor role. Your shi tzu can not write an essay or compete in a spelling bee. The only thing your dog can do is kiss your butt. So he can sleep in your bed. An honor student will kiss your butt. But it is frowned upon to let him sleep in your bed. Even if it is just to warm your feet. A dog cannot tutor other students. Nor can it do extra credit. In conclusion, dogs are not people and you only look ignorant when you claim they are.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


my last post got negative reviews. as funny as i find my crude sense of humor, others may not find it as funny. "knocked up" is not the approved expression. my bad.

in other news. obama is president. how bout that? long drawn out sigh.

in other other news...i bought a new shirt.

Monday, November 3, 2008

thinking thoughtful thoughts.

Im only 20 and soon to have 2 little boys. Wild. But I can only think about how ridiculous my life would be if I hadn't knocked jess up. I kid. I kid. But really. I like sports. In all seriousness she saved my life. Way to go, sport.

The other day, on halloween, we ran into a man in a giant sulley costume from monsters inc. And he was wasted. He looked trustworthy.

This was a pretty pointless bulletin but I felt like id neglected to post in a while.