Saturday, August 23, 2008

MY top 5 SINGERS of all time

if you'll remember, Jessica had a blog about her top 5 composers. i enjoy classical music but not really enough to have a favorite. though, i do love Giuseppe Verdi's operas. if i had to pick a favorite classical composer it would definitely have to be Verdi.

my favorite singers are as follows:
Norah Jones
sings a mix of soul and jazz and soooometimes country. not a fan of her twangish things but i love her voice. its calm and slightly scratchy. no. not scratchy. smoky? i just love it. i listen to it to calm down a lot.

Al Green
i love this man. he is the king of soul in my opinion. he sings songs that are fit to be in one of my personal favorite movies in one of my favorite scenes. and still does it today. his latest album, lay it down, is as good if not better than some of the stuff he did 30 years ago.

Amy Winehouse
this woman is a nut job and a drug addict but her voice is that of an angel. old, soulful. its classic. if she had stayed clean she could have gone far. i honestly don't see her living much longer. one more album. thats all i want.

Cee Lo Green
Vocalist in the group Gnarls Barkley. along side Danger Mouse Cee Lo has produced one of the most played songs of last year. i have honestly listened to the St. Elsewhere album more times than i can count. i really want to say its near 100.

Robert Plant
The Hammer of the Gods. This man has such power behind him. and such emotion. i think the fact that his chest is always exposed proves that. i don't know how. but i don't make the rules.

That is my top 5 singers list. this list is subject to change at any given time. that just happens to be my current favorite. now you may be thinking to yourself "come on, negro. wheres McCartney? wheres robin Gibb? don Henley? well my friends. they may not have made top 5 but that doesn't mean i don't like them. and remember. they, with the exception of robin (ha ha), has been on my list at one time or another. a list of a few that didn't make it can be produced upon request.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

we got plums...

So I admit that im rather lame at posting. Sporatic at best. But. Think hard and tell me it's not worth the wait. I deliver.

Now. Id like to speak a little today on crocs. My father-in-law, brent, bought me my first pair of croc flops and I never looked back. Thong flops will never satiate my desire for the best. They are probably the most comfortable piece of footwear in the world. People say, "oh, they're so ugly." I don't care. There are plenty of things that aren't that beautiful but made beautiful things. For example: frida kahlo; amazing painter with the brow of adam carolla. Martin scorsese; goofy lookin fellow but one of the greatest directors ever. And buddy holly; awkward but talented.

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I don't really have much else to say.