Friday, February 27, 2009

POST 2 of the day!: a few more things i forgot to say.

recently adam carolla has gone off the air. and that was a sad day. klsx, the station where he operated out of is phasing out all talk radio and converting to a top 40 station. i real shame because the top 40 right now is an abomination to my ears. 1077 the end in the NW is airing reruns for a while but some of you may not get that station out in idaho. im almost positive you dont. so you may be thinking to yourselves, "where can i get my aceman fix?" ill tell you. he is podcasting now. he's even on itunes. so you can look him up. great stuff. a side note - since he is not under the thumb of cbs and klsx producers he...speaks a little more freely. so listen at your own risk.

also. i dont know if you have seen this video but there is a whole series of them and theyre amazing. its called "will it blend". just watch.

and here is a different video i stumbled across. I really have no idea why i found this video so funny.

the mind of travis revival!

Yes. back by popular demand. that's right. my 3 fans have apparently been in Travis withdrawal. recently I've been voice blogging. not really podcasting. basically i complain about things into my phone. its a little harsh for most of my blog following so i keep it exclusive. subjects range from things that have made me angry in the day such as a light that wouldn't turn green or speculation on my antisocial tendencies. for those of you who aren't a huge fan of listening to Travis yell for 5 minutes about terrible musicians and Friday the thirteenth, this isn't for you. because that's most of what it is. if i typed it it would be all caps. the dumbification of America is another hot topic on Travis' thoughts. how people today find themselves entertained by Beverley hills chihuahua and pall blart mall cop. the Jonas brothers performing twice on Saturday night live. things that are and should never be. (that last sentence is a reference to the zeppelin song "what is and what should never be". great song). anyway. i will give you some wholesome entertainment.

tax return came in. Jess and i went to the Toyota dealership because we want to get a van. i hate car dealerships. This is what going to one feels like.

it was terrible. it gives me kind of a panic attack. I'm under the impression that i have mild anxiety and maybe a little bit of depression. i get insurance soon. holla. so I'm going to the doctor so he can confirm that I'm not a hypochondriac. because i give myself terrible diseases. i just read web md and say, "I HAVE THAT!" maybe because i have a few symptoms. for about a week i thought i had anti-social personality disorder. i mean don't get me wrong. I'm plenty anti social. but i don't have that disorder because its a form of sociopathology and i think you have to be a serial killer or something. or in the mob. e.g. Tommy two-guns - notorious sociopath. not really me. i don't take an immense amount of pleasure in murdering someone. maybe a bit of pleasure at maiming someone. or extreme pleasure when thinking of throwing a rock at someone. but not murder. no good. not my style. i much prefer to kick you in the goods and hit you with a stick. anyway. talk about "wholesome entertainment". I'm sure at least once while Ruth is reading this she will utter a "well, i never...". back to the dealership. this guy was trying to force the keys of a dodge durango into my hand. luckily i had to leave before he pressured me into sign anything. we came there looking for a van. I DON'T NEED AN SUV. this stupid vehicle is not for me. i will not be towing anyone. and i don't plan to live anywhere with snow. and it was like gold. do i look like a gold van driving man? no. i want a murdered out mini van. for those who aren't familiar with the term "murdered out" that means to black everything out. chrome, rims, logo, windows, everything. like this:

That's what i would do to my van.

well that oughta do it.

This is a picture of me and my little man, don tomasino.