Friday, April 24, 2009

worst guest ever

i listen to adam carolla on a daily basis. part of my morning routine. get up, eat, carolla. i think he is a genius and i agree with almost all of his convictions. but this morning i was catching up on the podcast and i came across monday's show with mike tyson. terrible. mike tyson is a great fighter. sure. but he is not an intelligent man and its hard for him to hold an interesting conversation. for those of you who dont listen to the show, donny is one of adams oldest friends and he is manning the computer during the podcasts. hes been playing around with intro music and dropping clips into the show. tyson is in the middle of making a documentary and so donny was playing clips of the film. i dont know if it was video and so everyone in carolla's man cave could see what was happening but for the people listening at home it was boring. it was bad audio of old archival footage. and to top it was 23 minutes long. even carolla's very first podcast was 45 minutes. adam had just got done heaping praise on tyson and tyson literally stood up and started ripping the mic from his shirt.

I mean seriously. the producer of the tyson movie was there. why couldnt tyson leave and adam could talk to the other guy. i cant remember his name. but regardless. anything at that point would have been more interesting. it was terrible. if you are going to start listening please dont start with that one. it does not do the show justice.

anyway. we're moving today.


Friday, April 10, 2009

thursdate with nbc

last night was thursday night. or as i like to call it "thursdate with nbc". on thursday nights, jessica and i bask in TV's warm glowing warming glow and enjoy two of our favorite shows, the office and 30 rock. well last night was especially amazing because not only was there 2 episodes of the office and a 30 rock but parks and recreation came to thursdate with nbc. for those of you who dont know what that is, parks and recreation is a new mockumentary style show made by the producers of the office. originally set to be an office spin off this show is all its own. amy poehler has described the two shows as fraternal twins except one is really fat. i found the pilot episode to be full of office style humor which makes it a good candidate for my top 5 tv shows list. it wasnt all i expected but what pilot really is? i felt the same way when watching season 1 of the office. funny show but there was a lot more developing to do. im confident that within the next few episodes it will be more show than i could have hoped for. anyway thats it.

this movie looks hillarious

i dont know why anyone would make this. but i thought at least a few people would find it funny.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Family photo

This of course was taken before felix was born.

we especially enjoy chest hair and crazy, cool medallions.

this of course is in reference to the Barry Gibb Talk Show. Jessica and i are big fans.