Sunday, June 21, 2009

"greetings from your teacher" - ancient pencil proverb

Yesterday we went to dierkes lake with my two youngest brothers and the hopes. Here is a picture of it (zoom for better look). thats right. my family is in town. next saturday is my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary and we will be celebrating with them in idaho falls.
thats all i have to say to now
actualllly, you cant call me on my phone cuz its off. cuz i have no money.

what a terrible post.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

behold! the goldburger!

Growing up, my bff, Matt, my brother Trevor, and i would hang out with a couple guys down the street, Robby and Andy. Now Andy was a big Asian fellow and his weight and love of food was often a hot topic that even he joined in. During the summer time it was commonplace to see Andy chasing the ice cream truck down the street in hopes of getting his favorite frozen treat, the cookie ice cream sandwich. On an especially hot afternoon, we were all sitting on the curb waiting for the ice cream man to drive by.
"I just want an ice cream sandwich!" Andy whined. And it was there the Goldburger was created. During that time, there was a wrestler named Goldberg and we thought it would be the funniest thing if he made an extreme WWF cookie ice cream sandwich called the Goldburger. Going even further, we thought it funnier that Andy would be in the commercial for it, dancing around with a Goldburger while lots of Goldbergs danced with him. Which inspired me to create this picture on my new photoshop.Now this is not an actual picture of Andy but it more than suffices. Andy was Filipino i think...
Please enjoy.

Monday, June 15, 2009

you really spent ALL that money?

Today while watching the $100,000 dollar pyramid a commercial came on that starred lee majors. I thought it would be something good that a rich man like himself would be promoting. Like a charity. One that would give children bionic limbs or something. No. It was for hearing aids. Lee majors bionic rechargable hearing aids. Which then led me to say to myself, 'what is he doing? where did all that money go?' i mean as far as i know he didnt have a huge drug problem or anything. and its not like he created this. he slapped his name on it to make money. which im all for if its for a good cause. but lee majors selling hearing aids just makes me sad. HE WAS THE 6 MILLION DOLLAR MAN! HE MARRIED FARRAH FAWCETT! he doesnt need to stoop down to GSN! im going to start a foundation for dumb celebrities who dont know what a savings acount is. basic budget classes and savings advice. investments. such and such. and it will be called "the foundation for celebrities who suck with money". the first celebs i want are lee majors, ed mcmahon, and mc hammer.



ive been having reoccuring dreams staring alan alda. meaning?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

from the diaries of travis hatch

I found this small journal entry scrawled on a small piece of paper and found it humourous enough to share.


We went to Brent's graduation today and i was really offended that they didn't ask me to sing Dylan's 'Forever Young'.

Pictured: Travis and Sarah sweating it up at brents graduation

Friday, June 12, 2009

False advertising and the American way

You know, as much as I really can't stand the movie shrek there are some fine words of wisdom. Primarily from donkey of all characters. Eddie Murphy, in my opinion, is a huge sellout. Ripping off bad sandler movies and putting a black spin on them. He hit his peak with his role in mulan. But I digress. While walking down a path to rescue the princess, donkey starts a well written jag about how much he loves parfaits and nobody is gonna refuse a parfait. Which brings us to the point of this blog. Parfaits. Have you ever been to McDonald's and had their 'parfait'? Garbage. It consists of fruit and yogurt. That is not a parfait. A parfait is cake, custard, fruit filling, and whipped cream. I can easily go to the store and get a yoplait for 25 cents. That is the exact same thing. For like a 5th the price. And it's better. Because you think to yourself 'oh heck yeah. I'm bout to have a parfait.' But then you're sorely disappointed to have health food. The only health I want in my parfait is the sugared up raspberry filling. It's the same filling found in a Bismark donut. Delicious. So, McDonald's, stop calling it a parfait. It's not. That is false advertising. But then again do you really expect quality from McDonald's? No. Which should be their slogan.'Come on. We're McDonald's.' Or 'you get what you pay for.' Or 'our burgers are made from pigeons.' All of those are accurate. I mean, there's this ad that McDonald's put out maybe a year ago and it was a sign that said 'we use 100% beef', except that the '0's' were cleverly blocked by 2 big macs. (pictured below) Correctly stating that McDonald's uses 1% beef. Anyway. That's enough corporate slander for today. Tune in next time for 'Travis hates most things'.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Has anyone ever noticed?

Is it just me or do yanni and frank zappa look like they could be fraternal if not even identical twins?

Yanni (pictured above) and Zappa (below)

Uncanny? Yes.

It really could just be the greek heritage.

and the mustaches.

and on that note.....

heres ted nugent with a mustache.

Heres how travis has been feeling lately.

Daily, i will open a my web browser to blog and nothing comes out. How fitting that when i am most deppressed i feel like writing most, yet i have no inspiration. and anything i write creatively i throw away because i consider it no good. that picture well describes the mood ive been in the past couple weeks. The neon drew her last breath, i am jobless, and brent left me in the middle of nowhere. cant say i blame him. i know this is where we're supposed to be and i should be happy knowing that things will work out for the best but i cant help feeling useless. you would think that having no job would be amazing. not the case. because i cant relax and live the life of luxery while also in a state of poverty. i wish i had more to say but typing has sapped the rest of my will power.

i will now go lie in the road.

take this in the spirit it is intended and not as a cry for help.