Thursday, December 25, 2008


Every year on christmas a christmas story plays all day and we leave it on. So after watching it hundreds of times I have made some comparisons to my own life. Ralphie and I are the same. From holding a bar of soap in my mouth to going psycho on a bully. It all seems so familiar. And that's it.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a minute of your time.

How hard is it to answer the phone? Hard. Especially when you hate talking on it. But at work. I answer every time. Unless the caller id says inmate phone. Which happens. And then I don't answer.

Recently I've been hired on as an apartment manager. And sometimes people are so hard to get ahold of. Or they don't answer my calls.

The other day my youngest brother chandler asked me 'do you hate the cold or the snow more?'. At first I thought I hated the snow more. Then I realized. Cold BRINGS snow.

I hate the cold.

I wish I could live in a place where it has washington summers and arizona winters. Absolutely amazing. This place, incidentily, will also smell like ribs. And. The currency will not be the us dollar. They use dubloons. Sadly this place only exists in my mind.

The clouds are moving in. It smells like snow.

I hate the smell of pipe smoke.

But I like the faint smell of cigarettes. Like lingering at the fair. It reminds me of childhood. Weird? You be the judge.

Monday, December 1, 2008

my dream team ups.

Recently I've been thinking about team ups id like to see happen in the music industry. All are still possible but not exactly probable.

-Id like to see danger mouse lay down an album with amy winehouse.
I also want to see her duet with cee lo.

-Id be interested in an unplugged session with norah jones and al green together not unlike plant with alison kraus. Norah was amazing on the track she did with ray charles.

-Id like the black keys to maybe do a set with the white stripes. Or even just jack white. Id really just like to hear the love child created from a week long recording session.

That's it. Nobody will be interested in this except me. So I write this. I've been watching 30 rock lately. It's hillarious. Tina fey and alec baldwin. Amazing. Ruth will have nothing to do with it but I get the feeling brent would get a chuckle out of it. Penny would be indifferent.

Also. I've been thinking about my new years revolutions. I mean resolutions. Every year I look back on myself and say, 'travis. You are such an idiot. How do you act so STUPID?' and I hang my head with shame and shed one tear for how many times I've made myself look dumb. My resolution this year is 'think before you act. And don't be an idiot.'

The end.

Ps. I wanted to do a proper blog with pictures and everything but my photobucket is a buttho...jerk.