Friday, May 1, 2009

the idaho sessions

Recently, we've moved to hailey idaho as some of you may know. actually everyone who reads my blog knows this on account of i live with half of my demographic. anyway. brent and i have been going on some great adventures. specifically to find Arizona's. they make some great drinks. like...orangeade, strawberry kiwi, watermelon, and mango. our first embark into the idaho wilderness was in lame old bellevue. the fat younger sister of hailey.
This is the bowling alley. which proved fruitless.Here we find guffys. our eventual hot spot for arizonas.
We also hit the splash n dash but in the wake of dissapointment i forgot to take a picture.
Outside of guffys with our bounty.

We went to guffys twice. once to check if they had any and then we came back after everywhere else sucked. while in there we discovered a fat, budding convict. he was there both times we went there and it was obvious that he was shoplifting. on our way out we saw him peddling away with a can of pizza pringles grasped in his fat little hooves. brent and i decided to follow him and give him a good scare. we eventually lost him after a few blocks. and that was that.

today on our quest for arizonas we went to guffys once again after we discovered the atkinsons in bellvue was closed. it was there the white trash cashier, bless his heart, informed us that all the hot food was free because it was soon to be thrown out. we loaded up a paper bag with it and bid the ugly man a good night. on the way home we celebrated our victory with chicken wings and some taquitos. the good thing about wings in the car is throwing the bones out the window. dont tell.

i got a job at the hardware store.yeah thats me.

im just too good lookin.