Saturday, March 28, 2009

a post with no nAme

i havent posted in a while so here is a simple one.

Things i have been thinking about lately. Paul Rudd. Doots. Juxtapose. what do these words have in common? nothing.

Paul Rudd (pictured left) has become a very popular actor. His new feature film, I Love You, Man, is breaking record box office numbers. Its the highest grossing comedy ever. (Facts not from reliable source) But. i think that he has gone downhill. i think his highest moment was...having a mustache. (pictured below)
I'm old fashioned in thinking that a mustache is an incredibly funny and ironic way to say "Im a man. I have chest hair. Lets date."

One day i hope to have a powerful, commanding mustache...

-Next. Doots. the bane of my existence. that man is the only thing that stands between me, a quiet uninhabited state, and a pair of sweats. if it werent for him i would be living my life happily in the country. This is what i picture him to look like.
A crazed alchoholic. If youre wondering where i found this picture of Doots, i will tell you. i google-imaged "alchoholic cox" and this came up. Doots has a book.

I dont want to talk about doots anymore. i dislike him AND his stinky green car.

-The word 'juxtapose'. i have no way to use it. but i love it.

End Scene

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

an observation

Notice that punishments for children are great for adults. Like "stop yelling or youre going to your room for the rest of the night." I would love to go to bed at 3. Get off of work early and sleep all day. Id like to open up the line for others to give their input. Leave a comment with childhood punishments that are beneficiary for adults.

Monday, March 9, 2009

automobile safety by travis

in my time ive been told, by a couple people, that i am a bad driver. such as: my wife, my brother, my bff matt, the dallas cowboys, the pta, and in particular; my dear father in law, brent hope. i however think not. i think i am a great driver. i feel in control and at ease at the wheel. i just happen to feel at ease and in control going 90 on the freeway. well im here to tell you today that i will never speed again. coming home from a college production of Thoroughly Modern Millie, starring fake julie andrews and my dear friend michael wheeler, i was stopped by Elma city police. I felt confident that i would be let off with a warning seeing as how it was the first ticket on my record and i was only going 19 over. well that wasnt the case. i drove home in silence with my brother, ransom. dissapointed in myself i called jess and told her what happened. needless to say she wasnt pleased. anyway what im trying to say is that there is no reason to fear my driving any longer. i am a reformed man. that is all.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

headline news: farmers report pigs flying - record cold in hell - united states elect black president

Good morning. If you'll notice, these 3 things that people said would never happen, are happening. You know what that means. We're moving to idaho. I said I would never return and now I am eating my words. Brent, all those birthday wishes have paid off. Jess and I are relocating to hailey idaho to work at cox cable. Im actually very excited about it. Part of that excitement comes from the fact that I will not have to manage lowlifes anymore. I thought managing apartments would be fun but I really can't stand it. Im a baby sitter. A lot of these people are twice my age and whining for me to fix every single problem. Sure, people aren't allowed to have dogs but if they're keeping you up then you have a problem with them. Don't come whining to me. Knock on the door and THEN let me know. I can make them get rid of the dog but that doesn't mean you have to stay up all night. That's why God gave us the broom. To pound the cieling. Anyway. Im very glad to be getting out. Tacoma will always be my home and maybe this move will make me appreciate this town more. I also think this will be a good oppurtunity for me to shed some excess poundage. Recently I've been on the heavier side. So after my mealtime purge I have been trying to run. That hasn't worked out so well. But I do love riding bikes on the bike path. So that's what ill do. Anyway yeah that's it. Also...yeah no that's it.