Tuesday, October 21, 2008

don't fight it.

That's right. Number 3 in a day. I've become very passionate.

Part 1 of my mini series "Things that are wrong with america":
High school musical
Reality tv
Beverly hills chihuahua
The jonas brothers
disney channel pop stars in general; ie. Hanah montana
Lil wayne
Trader joes
Carrie underwood
Girl power
Promiscuous army wives
The girls next door
Samantha ronson


Can you believe it? 2 blogs in one day. It's a christmas miracle. Depending on how I feel there might even be a third. This one is on a couple bands I've been listening to lately that are close to my heart. First is Dr. Dog. No, no. Not Dr. Dre. This psychadelic indie rock band hails from philly. Not compton. Their sound has been compared to the beatles, beach boys, and the band. You can easily tell that they've been listening to 60s pop bands since they were lads. I love them a lot.

Next is a band called the black keys. This is a blues-rock duo from akron, ohio. They're very white stripes-esque with their guitar/vocals and drums team up. They, to me, have a sound of raw emotion. It is some of the greatest blues rock out today. Jessica hates it. She hates the blues. Not i, though.

it's getting colder

I can see my breath in the morning and the night. Hot drinks are becoming more appealing. Sweatshirt wear is up 9%. My sunglasses are extremely cold on my temples when I put them on in the morning. And I activley cuddle with anything alive. Just yesterday I was spotted trying to make warmth with a fern. Doesn't work. Don't try it. Anyway. The point is, I hate the cold. People say to me, 'isn't it nice out? I love when the seasons are changing.' I look at them and muffled behind my scarf and parka I say 'I hate the cold.' And that's it. I walk away at that point because someone who like the weather getting colder must do drugs and I want no part of that. Im looking into developing a polar bear suit. Just fits around me and I can swim in icy waters unaffected. But for now I will shiver myself into a coma.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

if renee zellweger ruins another good movie, ill have her killed.

It's been a while since our last encounter, blogger. Im rather torn about our relationship. It's tough to get on and speak my mind because jess says im too rough around the edges. If I wrote down everything that popped out of my head, id lose a lot of friends. I maintain this blog with the good and ill pollute myspace with my cynicism. But I like sports. Anyway. Recent news is that I have been informed that after only 2 weeks of working my new job, the guys I work for would like to make me junior vice president. Put me on board of directors. Give me stock. Such and such. Im really excited about this. The guy im apprenticing with, dylan, named after bob dylan, incidentily, was really impressed with my work ethic during our 21 hour day at the dshs building in olympia. He said my apptitude was shocking. And nathan, the other guy im in business with, who also happens to be the landlord, has quoted dylan saying, "travis is awesome. Where'd you find this guy?" this is no lie, friends. I have it from a reputable, and rather handsome source, that I have been described as amazing. I knew it the whole time but it's about time the rest of the world sees it. I have a lot of ideas. When you're president you get three murders. Discreet and nobody ever finds out. I will use all three...on the jonas brothers. The bane of my exsistence. Look at me. Trailing of with blather of killing pop stars. That has no place on blogger. Anyway. I doubt I've worked any harder nor has my morale been any higher at any other job. Im doing something im good at and im proud of my work. The money is fantastic and I feel good about myself. Nevermind my hands being covered in blisters or that im always covered in glue. We made the right choice and we're being blessed for it. I may have to go to alaska for a time. 2 months tops. If work slows down here, that's where ill be to help the company out. In other news thomas turned two. And he's hecka tight.