Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the lost photo shoot

I'm sure you remember when i was a robot.


Jeremy said...

A robot with that Star Trek thingie on your eyes? Very nice.

Jessumca said...

i love your wording, jeremy! "star trek thingie." one of my favorite Jeremy quotes is "silly billy gumdrops." I laugh everytime!

Jeremy said...

Thank you, thank you.

Unfortunately I can't take full credit for "silly billy gumdrops." Have you seen the movie "Blankman" with Damon Wayans? He gets credit for that goofy line.

However, "Star Trek thingie" is all mine. But you know...anyone can use it.

Jessumca said...

i haven't seen the movie. so i'll give you the credit still. ;) yay! i'm going to use "star trek thingie" a lot. thanks to you. :D