Monday, July 6, 2009

T.I. Hatch ventures into the unknown

that is a picture of the unknown to me.

its funny how a place that was home not two months ago seems foreign when youre out of your element.

im not used to being alone. today was the first day on travis' journey to find employment.

i will use my time alone to chronicle this adventure and one day sell the movie rights.

i am indeed lonely despite the company of my brothers and my dearest friends.

i miss my wife and my boys.

today, i simply got settled. caught up with old friends and started a bad habit again.

i had a coke and i felt terrible after and had to have a huge glass of water because i can no longer handle my caffeine.

anyway i will leave you now.

i only have these words by elton john:

i miss the earth so much
i miss my wife
its lonely out in space

until next time, this is your dear friend, Travis, saying keep it fresh.


Brent Hope said...

Nice post Travis. Good luck to you! We miss you too!

Jessumca said...

You are so cute when you are out of your element. ;) I miss you too. ♥