Friday, July 17, 2009

today in mild dissaproval

Today, while I was slinging lattes at yuppies, a girl maybe the age of
18 came in. She was small and white and wore a pair of trendy black
framed glasses and a not so trendy legend of zelda shirt. While taking
one of my many breaks, as im prone to do on account of my salary, I
watched her sitting at a table alone talking on the phone. She ordered
nothing. She reached for a pot which held chalk in it and started to
draw on the table which happened to be made out of a thick sturdy
chalkboard. I sipped my chocolate milk and tried to see what she would
scrawl on my tables that I would have to clean later. Finally an anime
lad holding a tennis racket appeared before her in many different
colors. A coffee house work of art. She left with out a word leaving me
to eavesdrop on other peoples conversations, none of which were
interesting.a few hours later she returned. This time she ordered an
orange juice. She dissapeared again and the next time I saw her she
emerged from the shelves with a stack of manga and seated herself at
another different chalkboard table. She laughed to herself as she read
them and sipped her orange juice. We have a policy where you gotta buy
the books before drinking a drink around them but my boss said nothing
so I said nothing. She left after about an hour. Or so I thought. After
she finished her oj and manga, she proceeded to draw on the next
chalkboard table. Apparently axel and roxus are bffs according to the
table. She walked out the front door and I followed casually behind her.
She had moved to an out door chalkboard and filled that one with her
white-girl-who-wants-so-bad-to-be-asian anime drawings. She did this
four more times. I just sighed everytime. Finally she left and I refused
to wash it off.
There is no moral to this. Simply an odd story.


Brent Hope said...

Cool story and observation. I could see you in my minds eye watching the white girl asian anime drawing wannabe.

Nice job.

Missing Uncle Dad yet?

Travis said...

oh you know i am.

Travis said...

im not sure why the words are cut off.